She gives birth in a video call, ‘118 saved my life’ – Emilia-Romagna

The nurse: ‘It was imminent, they couldn’t go to the hospital’

“She saw everything and guided me, she was with me all the time. I had already given birth twice, but this was crazy. If I hadn’t called 911 the baby wouldn’t be alive. They saved my life, that of the baby and mine too. Without the nurse I don’t know how it was going to end. ” This is the story of Laila Driouch, the woman who gave birth on Saturday evening in Bentivoglio (Bologna) on the seats of her car, with the assistance of a nurse from the 118 operations center, via video call. Now the woman is hospitalized and she and the baby are fine.
“I got dressed to go to the hospital, we live nearby – she said – but when I arrived in the courtyard and I was near the car I felt that something was wrong, I was about to give birth. So I called 118 and it was activated the video call. I want to thank this nurse who told me everything I had to do: ‘Get in the car, take off your clothes, lie down on the seats, how to prevent the baby from falling to the ground “.
It all lasted “scarcely five minutes”, said the nurse, Elisa Nava. “In less than three minutes the lady broke the waters, managed to lie down and the baby came out with a single push. He cried immediately, the problem was warming him up because it was almost midnight. I asked her and her husband to show me. what condition it was in. The main thing was to make the parents understand that the birth was imminent and it was not necessary to leave by car “. For the nurse “this is the second time this year that something like this has happened to me, in both cases the children are fine”.


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