She is 72 years old and was criticized for wearing few clothes on TikTok: “I am not a grandmother”

A 72-year-old woman decided to respond to those who they criticized her for her way of showing off on social networks. Keiko Guestthe protagonist of this story, joked about it and decided to double the bet: “Does this have your approval?”

Originally from Georgia, United States, the former dancer and photographer became a TikTok star overnight. It happened after she decided Post photos and videos of her in tight dresses and stilettos.

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His exposure also earned him some negative comments, where his clothing was questioned. They promptly told her that she does “inadequately” and that he does not show himself as someone his age.

Far from being distressed or saddened by the criticism, Keiko took it in stride and published a series of videos making fun of those who argued about their outfitswhich include low-cut blouses and short dresses with buccaneers.

Guest started the video with a different outfit and a walker (TikTok Screenshot @keikoguestofficial).

Keiko published an ironic sketch in which she directly rejects the comment “You have to dress appropriately for your age.” At the beginning of the video, she is dressed in a gray sweater, button-down shirt, and pants, holding an adult walker. Keiko titled it: “So at 72?”

“Does this have your approval?”he then asked. She did so before turning the video around and showing herself off in a completely opposite outfit.

Keiko sought to discredit those opinions and debunk the myth that all women her age should, inevitably, dress a certain way to be “approved.”

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The 72-year-old woman mocked the criticism and showed several changes of clothes (TikTok Capture @keikoguestofficial).
The 72-year-old woman mocked the criticism and showed several changes of clothes (TikTok Capture @keikoguestofficial).

“I like this better, what do you think?”, concluded the video. On TikTok, Keiko also openly talked about her mental health issues and went viral thanks to her positive outlook on life and her athletic abilities.

“I am not a grandmother”, highlighted Keiko, also demonstrating her physical condition and her sense of humor. The viral video, which has accumulated over 4.9 million views on TikTokcaused thousands of people to congratulate her and praise her actions.

Guest often posts dancing or gymnastics videos (TikTok Capture @keikoguestofficial).
Guest often posts dancing or gymnastics videos (TikTok Capture @keikoguestofficial).

“Beautiful, I hope to look as good as you at 72”, one woman wrote. Another user commented: “Ma’am, if I looked as good as you do, then I would dress the same way.”

Asked about her secrets to staying young, both in spirit and in appearance, the American woman replied: “I have worked with adolescents for more than half a century. I have taught, directed, trained, costumed, posed. I can do it in my dreams too”.