Shirehan comments on current events in Palestine


Today, Cherihan comments on the current events in Palestine, in light of the spread of false news, and distracted the mind of the Arab citizen in all parts of the Arab world in terms of the health of the news spread on the Internet or the various social networking sites Shirehan comment on the current events in Palestine, The news, which presents and conveying urgent news in all different and varied fields, aims primarily to convey the news with all credibility and transparency to our visitors in all the countries of the Arab world. Today, a news item entitled ” This was true news or incorrect, in the political plane of the Arab News site located at the bottom of the page, and start with the most important news on today’s date, which is the news of “Sherihan comment on the current events in Palestine.” Arab News, news today Thursday, 17 May 2018 03:48 PM – Cairo_ Gololy The Egyptian star Sherihan sent a letter to the Palestinians after the attack by the Israeli occupation forces on the Palestinian territories, hours before the month of Ramadan. “Ramadan is an honorable, independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital,” she said on her Twitter profile. She added: «Ramadan Karim, our people in Gaza and in Palestine and all our brothers and sisters and our people and citizens of the Arab world dear .. What the Gaza Strip witnessing the escalation of the Israeli barbaric terrorist provoked in addition to the repercussions of the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, has become a joke, Separating us from the holy month of Ramadan, is unacceptable and disavowed by the Egyptian people and all the Arab peoples ». On the other hand, the star Sherihan Difaa on the radio program «People Azaz», with the writer Medhat Justice, and talks during the meeting about the suffering of the disease and a number of personal secrets for the first time, and Ha is the first appearance after the absence of 15 years. Sherihan comments on the events taking place in Palestine, and in the end, we are interested in your opinions. It puts our shoulders on our shoulders and continues to work hard, so that we can always be at your best expectations, hoping that you will always be full of health and wellness. Your opinions in the above news through comments as your opinions are always important in the first and last place, and do not forget to also follow us on the social networking pages of our site, the site of the Arabs News, which are our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and put an admiration and follow up to reach you the latest and latest news Politics Economic, technical, sports, technical, health and beauty news, and the world of Eve, as well as the varied and entertaining news to reach you as soon as it occurs first, Cherihan comments on current events in Palestine. Arab News – Shirehan comments on current events in Palestine
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