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Shirley Arica became a trend in all social networks and not for a new ampay, but for revealing that in Turkey it was the first time he worked responsibly.

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“During that time I was there in Turkey, I had to learn to live by force, it wasn’t like ‘wow, the luxuries’. No, we have spent quite a few very heavy things there”, counted for the program “Hablemos de Belleza”.

He then continued with: “It’s the first time I’ve chambéé in my life, because all the time I’ve fooled around, it’s the truth, already with schedules, already with a production behind, I used to manage everything alone. There was more responsibility, I got up at five in the morning, sometimes we recorded like 20 hours “.

Shirley Arica confirms that the host of “El Poder del Amor” got into her relationship with a Colombian

After spending a long season in Turkey and Ecuador, Shirley Arica returned to our country to undertake her personal projects, however, she confirmed that she could leave Peru again to participate in the reality show “El Poder del Amor”.

In an interview for “Amor y Fuego”, the Peruvian model assured that, if this proposal comes to fruition, this time she will put a clause in her contract that prevents the drivers from interfering in the relationships of the participants.

“I am analyzing it (Have they made you the proposal?) Yes, but I am analyzing it, but I am going to put a clause in my contract: “That the next driver does not leave (do not pick up your gil). Yes”pointed out the “Reality Girl” in conversation with Gigi Miter.

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When asked about these strong statements, Shirley Arica ended up revealing that her romance with Sebastián Tamayo ended because the Colombian cheated on her with Vanessa Claudio, host of the Turkish reality show “The power of love”.

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“He was with both of them at the same time. When I traveled to Medellin recently he confirmed it for me. (…) She was a hypocrite. I imagine that by contract, the driver cannot mess with the participants and that is why I thought there was no way.he questioned.