Shocking: Car with gigantic alligator strapped to the back surprises drivers

A crocodile stopped traffic on a highway in Florida, United States. The animal, about 3 meters long, was tied with ropes to the back of a vehicle.

The unusual situation surprised drivers who approached the car, seen last weekend. One of the witnesses recorded the moment and said there was blood on the crocodile.

“It was definitely real. Some blood around the base of the tail. I have to assume it was legally hunted,” Karen Kress, who took the photo on the road, told NBC WESH.

At this time of year until November, the controlled hunting season for alligators is open. To hunt, a special license issued by state administrators is required.

“You can see the yellow alligator mark attached to its tail,” noted someone who saw the image posted online.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission, responsible for the care and maintenance of wildlife in the state of Florida, in the last year about 7,900 crocodiles were killed.

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