The artist Shima El Haj launched a fierce attack on the media, Nidal Ahmadiyya, due to some false news that relied on the scandals that she published about her through her private media site.

Shema Al-Haj sent a fiery message to the journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadiya through her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, through a video clip, during which she said, “What the media follows Nidal Al-Ahmadiya is not appropriate for the respected media and does not reflect the professionalism and media charter of honor, as most of its news depends on Artists scandals, which is inappropriate. ”

Sheima Al-Hajj added that she “does not depend on dancing on the scandals of artists and wobbling on their pains and people’s pain. This indicates her past and pain that she is trying to hide from our world, so what she does cannot be described that changes it to be a low level and low and I refrain from this matter and I did not respond It is not in the field of response, but I wanted to clarify some things. ”

Sheima Al-Hajj said, “All I can say if your house is of glass, do not hit people with stones.”

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