Should strive to join the US Anti-Missile Alliance (Zhang Yanting)

Recently, the CCP has used the relationship between Ryukyu and Japan’s modern history as a metaphor between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and repeated the old tune of not giving up military reunification. Taiwan must strengthen its military and increase the cost of the CCP’s use of force to deter war. It is not difficult to see from the Ukrainian war that the extensive use of missiles and rocket launchers has become a customary mode of firepower development, so the ability to rebound is an indispensable element of modern warfare.

Since the Obama administration in the United States, the Pentagon has shifted its missile defense strategy from the land-based terminal interception mode to the early-to-mid-course interception mode, and the deployment strategy has also been adjusted accordingly.Aegis’ ballistic missile defense systembecome an important rebound core armament.

The U.S. Navy is currently cooperating with Japan to test“Standard Three” (SM-3) interceptor, this type of interceptor has a longer range and greater speed, which can more effectively intercept fast-moving medium-range ballistic missiles. At that time, the anti-missile warning system of the “Aegis” ship will also use the latest version of interceptor missiles on the stations of the US Navy destroyers and Japan’s “Land-based Aegis”.

The Trump administration has also significantly improved the missile defense program, the most important of which is to use the “Standard III” Block IIA missile to test long-range intercontinental targets. The purpose is to greatly increase the defense range and assist Japan in defending North Korea. Ballistic missiles also indirectly confirm that the “Standard III” Block IIA has the ability to intercept intercontinental long-range ballistic missiles.

At present, the United States has deployed the “Standard III” Block IIA on its homeland, and strengthened the regional defense of the “theater” level of the Pacific island chain, which covers Hawaii to Guam. But it’s worth noting that the new system’s ability to protect the U.S. and allies from intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) launched from anywhere on Earth, especially China and North Korea, goes beyond what was originally designed to intercept intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM).

Furthermore, the “Standard III” Block IIA currently deployed by the United States is not the only counterattack system when it is attacked by missiles. There are also Patriot missiles andTHAAD systemIt can be used with “Standard Type III” Blk IIA interceptor missiles, and together with the multi-functional maritime “Aegis” ship, it can quickly exert its rebound combat power and fully cope with the saturation attack of a large number of ballistic missiles.

In addition, the missile defense capability can also increase diplomatic bargaining chips. The more reliable the U.S. missile defense system is, the greater the strength of the U.S. and its allies in negotiating with the CCP and the North Korean regime. As long as America’s adversaries continue to improve missile capabilities and proliferate or expand their missile capabilities, the United States must continually adapt, expand, and improve its own defenses. In addition, in order to effectively intercept the more complex hypersonic missile threat developed by the CCP and Russia, the United States is currently rapidly updating existing technologies and creating a new rebound system.

Since the Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1997, the CCP’s missile threat has caused great concern to our national defense security. At present, the United States will further develop anti-missile deployment in the military alliance with Japan, and the Self-Defense Force has deployed anti-missile systems to neighboring Taiwan.Seinan IslandsTherefore, it is necessary for our country to propose to join the US-Japan anti-missile camp. If we increase our strength to deter the CCP’s military advances, we will have more guarantees for peace in the Taiwan Strait.

(The author is former Air Force Lieutenant General Deputy Commander, Honorary Chair Professor of Tsinghua University) Liberty Times 0608

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2023-06-09 03:21:06