Signal makes this sacrifice that you won’t like

Encrypted messaging application which is often presented as one of the most secure, Signal will soon remove SMS and MMS support on Android. So as not to take the users concerned by surprise, this withdrawal will be carried out gradually over the coming months.

The impact will be for those using the Signal app as their default texting app on Android. They will necessarily have to turn to another default application for their SMS, with, if necessary, an export of their messages. Before the deadline, they will be entitled to several notifications and reminders.

The change will not affect Signal messages and the operation of the application in the manner of Telegram and WhatsApp which do not have SMS functionality. The main reason given for the withdrawal of SMS (and MMS) support is due to the Short Message Service protocol itself.

SMS support that no longer makes sense for Signal

Text messages leak metadata sensitive and put your data in the hands of telecommunications companies. Privacy and security being at the heart of our business, leave a very insecure email protocol having a place in Signal’s interface is incompatible with our values ​​and with what people expect when they launch Signal.

By ditching text messages, Signal is also ending some confusion that may have existed in misleadingly suggesting that they receive the same end-to-end encryption treatment as other messages with the app. A mix that may not have been handled well enough when it comes to clarity…

However, SMS support was also an asset for the Signal application on Android in order to attract new users. We will have to do without at the risk of losing users.