Silent Hill is leaking! Sony may be involved in the project

Dusk Golem, an informant known for publishing many details about the Resident Evil series, shared a few photos most likely showing the new Silent Hill. The game is reportedly being developed by several development teams, and the PlayStation producer is in some way involved in the production.

Insider Dusk Golem has been making it clear for a long time that he is increasingly interested in one of the horror movies and has information about the new position in the Silent Hill series. Only now, however, did he receive permission to share some materials.

The informant, who has repeatedly proved that he has contact with reliable sources, published several photos. However, they were noticed and probably removed by Konami under copyright law. For many recipients, this is the best confirmation that the news presented is not just one of unfounded rumors, but is about a real project.

“(1/2) Silent Hill leak. There are many things here that I will not share yet. This is a relatively new source for me, but I have received more than enough evidence to be believed. I will also mention the names “Anita & Maya”, “SMS Messages” and this is not the only SH game in development. Photos”.

According to the information provided, more teams are to be involved in the process of creating Silent Hill, including the participation of Sony, which most likely has marketing rights. In a thread posted on the Resetera forum, Dusk Golem mentions the work of Masahiro Ito, who would create, among others, one of the monster’s projects. Insider does not share details, but phrases in his messages (“Anita & Maya”, “SMS Messages”) suggest heroes and may give an indication of the timing of the story.

On the web, you can also find comments that the styles and colors of the graphics used suggest that we are dealing with several productions – which would be in line with the informant’s statement that “this is not the only SH game in the development phase”.

For now, however, let’s treat these materials with a grain of salt. Before we open up the champagne to celebrate the upcoming game set in the Silent Hill universe, we have to wait for official confirmation from Konami.

Silent Hill leak - 2

Silent Hill leak - 2

Silent Hill Remake - 5 - leak

Silent Hill Remake - 6 - Leak