Singer Julee Cruise of Twin Peaks title song passed away at age 65 NOW

American singer Julee Cruise has passed away at the age of 65, her husband has announced on Facebook. Cruise became world famous with the song Fallingthe title song of the cult series Twin Peaks.

Cruise has often worked with director David Lynch. She sang the song in 1986 Mysteries of Lovethat during the last scenes of the film Blue Velvet could be heard. Angelo Badalamenti composed the music for this song.

Badalamenti also made the music for Twin Peaks, including the title song. The composer brought the singer to the attention of director Lynch in 1986 after hearing her sing at a workshop.

The number Falling was on the first record that Cruise made, in 1989. Incidentally, the instrumental version was used for the series. The title song received the Grammy Award for best instrumental pop song.

The singer made a total of four albums. She also wrote a lot of music for theatrical performances, such as the Shakespeare parody Return to the Forbidden Planet† Cruise also toured with other formations, such as The B-52’s and Bobby McFerrin.