Six Lottery winning numbers in week 25

They pulled out the Six Lottery 2021/25. weekly winning numbers. There were no direct hits this week, so players will be able to play for HUF 555 million in the 26th week of play.

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Six Lottery winning numbers in game week 25:

5; 19; 22; 24; 32; 45.

This week (25th) there were no direct hits in the six lottery, in the 26th week of the game Hungarian lucky hunters can play in the Six Lottery for 555 million forints.

Additional prizes:

5 results: 226 935 forints each

4 results: 5,565 forints each

3 results: 1,695 forints each

Joker number: 590968

A 2021/25. During the game week, he earned his owner HUF 188 million on the Joker. As no hit was made, the main prize will be HUF 220 million next week.

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