Sky introduces completely new price and package structure!

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With the elimination and gaining of certain rights in the film, sports and entertainment sector, Sky will probably have to build up the package. There will still be a basic package for which special individual packages can be booked. The changes are sometimes very clear.

When we speak of Sky, we have been talking about Sky Q for quite some time. The mixture of receiver and demand functions is not only the only current one, but also the best way to use the payment transmitter. So far there has been a basic package consisting of public service and private channels. Any number of extra packages could then be booked for this basic package. These were Bundesliga, sports, entertainment (series) and cinema (films).

Completely new basic package at Sky Q

The biggest change is in the basic package. The original entertainment package is now included in the new basic package. That means in addition to the TV channels, there are now also series from Sky, HBO and other channels. Customers can also see everything in HD for a total of EUR 12.50 per month. Sky Go for mobile viewing is also there again. In summary, the basic package offers:

  • All relevant TV channels
  • Entertainment package (series)
  • Everything in HD
  • Sky Go on the go
  • For 12.50 euros

The new, bookable packages from Sky Q

There are also innovations in the packages. Since the entertainment package is now included in the basic model, it is logically no longer necessary. The Entertainment Plus package is still available and gives Sky customers access to Netflix for EUR 7.50 a month. With Kids there is also a completely new package, which, as the name suggests, contains children’s programs (5 euros per month). There is also the Bundesliga soccer package (12.50 euros), the sports package (5 euros) and the cinema package (10 euros).

  • Bundesliga package For 12,50 Euro
    • Most of the games in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga live and in the conference
    • Sunday games will no longer be Sky
  • Sport-Paket For 5 Euro
    • formula 1
    • Champions League bus 20/21
    • DFB Cup to min. 2022
    • Premier League min. 2022
    • Golf
  • Cinema-Package For 10 Euro
    • New films and access to the archive
  • Entertainment Plus For 7,50 Euro
    • Access to Netflix through Sky
  • Kids-Package For 5 Euro
    • Series and films for children

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Cancelable monthly, but not immediately

Sky grants users of the new tariff a monthly right of termination after the contract term has expired. If you want to take advantage of this, instead of regularly extending your contract for at least one year, you pay a lot on almost all packages. A full subscription would then cost EUR 65 instead of EUR 52.50.

Modified multi-use

The multiple use can now only be booked as an extra option with Sky Q and Sky Go. So if you want to use the multiscreen function at home, you now need the paid option for 10 euros. With Sky Go it would be an additional 5 euros.

There are a total of three bookable options:

  • Multiscreen for 10 euros
  • Sky Go Plus for 5 euros
  • Ultra HD for 5 euros

No more haggling over prices

At TECHBOOK’s request, Sky confirmed that the prices are now fixed. It is therefore no longer necessary to give notice in order to get the cheapest possible price after several “rounds of negotiations” with the recovery hotline.


“In the past two years, it was evident at Sky that you screwed up your own product at full speed. The changes were always good, but never really groundbreaking. Sky’s new package and price structure finally brings what customers have been waiting for: shorter terms, more flexibility and more performance for the money if desired. Sure, a permanent monthly termination option, especially without a surcharge, would be up to date. But one should not forget that Sky also supplies hardware with the Sky-Q receiver and offers a huge range of functions with the availability of TV channels. Accordingly, long-term subscription models are inevitable here and actually not that bad. In most cases, those who use linear television use it permanently anyway. Each user has to decide whether the program can keep up with the competition. With the new structure, Sky convinced me first. “- Andreas Filbig, editor-in-chief



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