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Sky Views: Journalists are not allowed to be actors in Trump's circus

Adam Boulton, Editor-in-Chief

If you dive directly, the water temperature is a shock.

I have not reported US politics since the inauguration of Donald Trump in January 2017. After a week in Washington DC covering the midterm elections in the US, I'm not only shocked, I'm dumbfounded.

The usual courtesies of political discourse, based on truth and courtesy, were abandoned not only by the president, but also in relations between Democrats and Republicans, as well as politicians and the media.

The president sets the tone, but the media stars should wonder why they so readily dance to his tune.

The news agenda is moving fast here and is accelerated by rolling news channels such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

The day after the middle of the day, three big political stories with President Trump developed in the heart.

First, the results were analyzed, which were significant enough because the Democrats had gained control of the lower house of Congress, which promised great problems for the White House.


CNN reporter Jim Acosta refuses to argue with Trump

An 83-minute press conference followed, in which Trump demanded "almost complete victory" before triggering a furious confrontation that resulted in Jim Acosta, CNN's main political reporter, being banned from the White House.

A news event that was not reached until hours later when Trump plundered his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, although during his press conference he refused to comment on the shot.

In the excitement, few remained angry that the dismissal served for no other reason than the personal comfort of the president.

Sessions was an extremely conservative senator from Alabama, who gave up his safe seat for the Trump administration.

He failed with the president because he had "withdrawn" himself while overseeing what became of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Jeff Sessions has had a long feud with Donald Trump


Jeff Sessions resigned at the request of the President

The sessions were doing quite well because he had met the Russian ambassador while working on the campaign, but Trump considered it a personal betrayal.

Matt Whitaker, who has now been appointed Deputy Attorney General by Trump, says that Müller's investigation should be restricted. Meanwhile, Trump bragged that he could "fire" all those involved in the investigation.

Thanks to his role as head of the US version of The Apprentice, Trump became a national figure.

The show is powered by weekly ignitions.

Trump has continued to develop and raise ratings by making it curious who he will be fired next.

At his press conference, he praised himself with a "hot white house" where people went to work. He watches TV news and checks their ratings.

Attracting attention by making Trump outrageous and the media rearing it. They need each other.

Acosta may be a high-paying television poster boy whose celebrity is growing after these confrontations, but he's also a reporter trying to question the president.

Adam Boulton

Trump raises ratings even though he "abuses the fake news media" and despite having successfully undermined public confidence in the information provided by the mainstream media.

Trump creates the atmosphere at his press conferences. First, he lures journalists with dubious utterances and occasional direct barbs before calling on the "stars" of the media, who he knows are most likely to be antagonistic.

He rarely lets them keep asking questions uninterruptedly, and they set themselves up by asking several questions and being drawn into a lengthy exchange.

On Wednesday, Cordelia Lynch was written by Sky News by the president half a penalty in their question about the election result.

He accused Yamiche Alcindor, a black correspondent for PBS, of asking "such a racist question" when she asked about his use of the word "nationalist".

After the midterm elections, the president held a press conference
Trump creates the atmosphere at his press conferences by first luring journalists

The news organizations and their reporters have long since given up any attempt at political impartiality.

Fox News Channel's lead channel, Sean Hannity, appeared with Trump at a final interim rally, with FNC dismissing it as a "distraction."

On the other hand, CNN, MSMBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times routinely report on the president's "lies."

It generates a lot of heat. During the live press conference on television, Trump Acosta said, "CNN should be ashamed of you working for it, you are a rude, terrible person, you should not work for CNN."

Later, Trump's press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recanted Acosta's press card saying "we never tolerate a reporter rubbing the hands of a young woman trying to do her White House internship."

She also published what many claimed to be a doctoral video to support her case.

Several independent recordings do not show that Acosta is manipulating the woman who brought the microphone to reporters. The problem was that he would not let it go and said, "Excuse me, Ma'am".

Acosta tweeted "This is a lie" in response to the White House statement and CNN supported him.

The sheer evil of all this shocks me.

Acosta may be a high-paying television poster boy whose celebrity is growing after these confrontations, but he's also a reporter trying to question the president.

The attempt to escalate his confrontation with the President to the most incredible charge in the #MeToo era is extremely unscrupulous.

Covering the presidency is an important task. But as always, reporters lose when they become history. The White House press corps should be careful when it comes to playing animals in circus director Donald Trump's circus.

Sky Views is a series of comments that are published by Sky News editors and correspondents every morning.

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