Slow metabolism? Activate it like this: it will be simple and effective

Everyone has a slow metabolism at least once in their life. Let’s see together how to reactivate it in a simple and effective way.

Eat, lie down on the bed and rest, this is what we want to do on vacation: this is true relaxation for us. But all this then makes ours slow metabolism and lazy, so much so that we no longer digest what we eat and place it all on the hips, thighs and stomach.

Having a slow metabolism – Credits: Adobe Stock

There are those who have always suffered from it and always try to keep light at lunch and dinner, because they know that if they overdo it a little they spend a sleepless night waiting to digest and those who have such a fast metabolism, that they could even eat a fridge whole would not be affected in any way. The metabolism, however, also changes according to age: the further we go, the worse it will be. Let’s see together the method to be able to reactivate it in a few simple steps, especially in summer.

If you have a slow metabolism, all you have to do is reactivate it in this way: it will be simple and effective

Have the metabolism slow means having many small problems that in the long run could be really annoying. The first, for example, could be poor digestion: having a very slow metabolism leads us to digest late compared to others and above all not to digest everything we eat; as a result we will end up with a swollen stomach and still undigested food.

The second could instead be the transformation of undigested food into fat accumulation on our body: belly, thighs and hips, which are the three most affected parts of the body. For this little ‘problem’ we have the right solution for you that will make you feel like a silhouette in no time at all.

Eliminate slow metabolism – Credits: Adobe Stock

We have already said that very often it is by nature to have a slow metabolism, while many other times this slows down with age and usually this happens from the age of 40 onwards. To try to speed it up as much as possible we must definitely run two exercises very important. The first involves the use of a mat: we lie back on this mat and try to bring our knees, bent, towards the chest; repeating this operation for about 10 times and alternating the knees, first one and then the other.

The second exercise instead sees us standing in front of a mirror. All we have to do is stand up straight and try to bring the legs back, one at a time, bent and try to touch the buttocks with the heels. In this way, by alternating the legs and repeating this operation for about 10 times, we will have a faster metabolism than before and we will be able to eat safely even at the sea, without any kind of worry.