Smart Ass Teacher puts Jauch on palm



Moderator Günther Jauch with Peter Wagner: Who is the bigger smartass? Monday, April 16, 2018

By Nina Jerzy

How fit are Germany’s educators? Günther Jauch did the little PISA test in the teacher’s special on Monday evening. Balance: Effort, but expandable. As the biggest Abräumer proved just the worst smart ass of all. Newcomer Peter Wagner from Ehrenburg had to decorate each answer wordily and proved to be tending to be advice-resistant. At some point, Jauch could only roll his eyes. The teacher of a boarding school for school objectors, however, proved stamina. With gratitude, the 62-year-old had rather not like that. For the 1000 Euro question, Wagner was totally sure that in many states from 1 March to 31 October there is a no-fly ban at night. The not exactly logically derived answer was almost logged in, when Jauch signaled clearly: Wrong choice. The RTL moderator urged the Joker. Whereupon the candidate assumed that Jauch wanted to pay him a joker. “They fabulate here and accuse me … It’s unbelievable!”, Jauch reasoned rightly. The 50/50 joker brought the teacher to the correct answer “No smoking in the forest”. “A bit of punishment must be yes,” Jauch was somewhat reconciled in the face of the taken Joker. Bert, YOLO About the “rattled” lecture of a Bertolt Brecht poem by the teacher, let’s spread the mantle of silence. Only so much should be said: “Message for Kids” and “YOLO”. For 16,000 euros, Wagner should know, with a pressure of 480 kg per cm² may arise (correct answer: teeth grinding). The teacher first had to shit smart. That is not a pressure unit, pressure is finally measured in Newton. Jauch collapsed a bit further in his seat. In the following rounds, the former graduate engineer and trained carpenter, who has been teaching for almost seven years, was able to convince. He got off with 64,000 euros. Of course not without moaning on the name plate before the spelling of his name. At the stand was written in chalk “WagneR”. Jauch did not fight back and corrected the lettering himself. “Everyone has a right to his own name,” the candidate told the host. Maybe that’s why he was so quickly complimented by Jauch from the studio that the correct answer to his last question was resolved until the next candidate. Upgradable. Put. more on the subject Alexander Schwarz from Essen was typically the opposite of his predecessor – which could eventually be a fatal disaster. The 26-year-old trainee teacher was self-confident, but rather sober and like to be absolutely sure. Later students are forewarned: This young teacher can be pretty strict. The additional joker did not exactly put forward a brilliant performance in deriving his answer and put his security at 75 percent. “This is expandable,” the teacher commented shortly. The viewer wanted to discuss: “Better than nothing.” That’ll show itself, Schwarz concluded and would have been good! can push afterwards. The math teacher then needed two more jokers to determine that politicians Christian Lindner (FDP) and Jens Spahn (CDU) since the end of 2017 are not godparents and godfathers, but tenants and landlords. Black got off with 16,000 euros. For the third teacher Mirco Geschwind from Lampertheim it was enough only for 8000 Euro. The teacher of German and history failed because of the chemical formula for nitric acid. Next week is “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” – Pause. On the 30th of April there will be a “special of the generations” for the first time. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren between the ages of 16 and 75 compete.



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