Swiftly into the Next-Gen.

The PS4 was a breakthrough success for Sony. An installed user base of more than 100 million players is, of course, a luxury that you no longer want to leave – or can.

That's why PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is making every effort to get people to jump on the PlayStation 5 as fast as they can.

In conversation with our sister site GamesIndustry.biz he said:

"Of course, 100 million is a remarkable milestone for any console, and we've only done that once – this generation has meant well doing it, and when I look at the things we've done well, I have to say we're one did a good job of improving and protecting our brand, "he says.

Sony's Jim Ryan

"We also delivered good exclusive content that differentiated us, but the most interesting thing is the community we've built," he continues.

"These are players that are networked and true and committed and burn for PlayStation to an extent we have not seen before, so as we move toward the next generation, by 2020, one of our responsibilities – presumably our primary one – is to do so Take the community and transport it from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 at a rate and pace never seen before. "

"If we look at this transition and the ambitions to do things at a hitherto unknown temp and magnitude, we need to look in the mirror and make some changes, which has led to changes in the overall structure of the organization, which have in turn globalized the decision-making processes. "

One step towards a more global setup was the appointment of Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst as the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios.

Ryan does not disclose how this faster transition to the new generation should work. Part of the strategy is certainly backwards compatibility, hopefully with upgrades to the old games. Even with the subscription service PlayStation Plus should be some flexibility to make the players taste the switch. Whether and to what extent Sony is forced to make price war on a statement would also be interesting.

It will not be long before we hear more about it. Ryan suggests the same thing.


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