A larger amount of memory contained in the new console will allow gamers to expand the functionality of their time.

Very soon, the Japanese company Sony will release a new model of the legendary PlayStation 4, which will be equipped with 2 TB of memory.

At the moment, you can find in the stores prefixes with drives from 500 GB to 1 TB. These specifications are versions of PS 4 Slim and PS 4 Pro. Only once a limited version with 2 TB appeared on the shelves, however it happened in honor of the sale of half a million consoles, and now PS 4 Pro for 2 TB will receive mass production.

As you know, sales start in Japan on November 21, and consoles will be sold there for about $ 400. Information about sales in other countries is not yet available.

Thus, Sony will release the new PlayStation 4 console, which will be able to satisfy the desires of gamers in much better quality than before, and the greater amount of memory contained in the consoles will allow users to experience better games.



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