Jordan has handed over an official Israeli request for "consultation" on the implementation of the Jordanian decision to end the work of the Palestinian-Israeli peace treaty and not to extend it, an official source said Sunday.

The right of use of the land of Al-Baqoura and the immersion by the Israeli side ends next year, after the end of the period of utilization granted under the annexes to the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement signed in 1994, 25 years ended last month.

On October 21, His Majesty King Abdullah II announced that Jordan had decided to end the two annexes that allowed Israel to use the lands of Al-Baqoura and Al-Ghamr.

His Majesty added that Israel had been informed of the Jordanian decision to end the work of the two parties to the peace agreement.

"The al-Ba'qura and the Jordanian lands will be flooded and will remain Jordanian, and we exercise full sovereignty over our lands," he said.

"Our priorities in such difficult regional circumstances are to protect our interests and to do everything necessary for Jordan and the Jordanians," he said.



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