SOUTH CURVE CALENDAR 2022 | Munich south curve

Hello Bayern fans,

Even if the year 2021 has no pictures of our curve to offer except for a short interlude of the south curve in the stadium, we can recommend a calendar of the south curve for the year 2022 as well.

We have made necessity a virtue and want to take up the anniversary of the south curve with the calendar for the coming year. In the calendar you will find impressions from 50 years of the Südkurve in Munich, from the first games in the Olympic Stadium from 1972 to today. Look forward to some delicacies.

You have the opportunity to pre-order the SÜDKURVE CALENDAR for 2022 at for € 10 per copy + postage.

Due to the size of the calendar, the shipping costs are € 7. You will have the package in your mailbox from mid-December. The calendar will also be available exclusively online this year.

Munich south curve

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