Spalletti: "A brave Inter, but Barcelona in a dribble is unique"


A good point for Spalletti. Getty

A good point for Spalletti. Getty

Luciano Spalletti laughs. His Inter suffered, but finally managed to stop the great Barcelona, ​​snatching a draw. A golden point signed Mauro Icardi in the final. "Now it seemed that the game ended 0-0, then their unexpected goal, but our reaction was super, and after the goal Icardi immediately went to get the ball to bring it back to the midfield and try to win it, the right spirit", comments the Nerazzurri coach.

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"In the first half we did not manage to keep the ball and so we could never catch up.The blaugrana will pile you up in defense when they attack and then remain high to keep you out of the way, so the ball was always there. Barcelona superior, little to say ", recognizes Spalletti. "They always anticipate the play, know where to go to find space, even behind and have an embarrassing dribble cleaning. And his Inter? "The team did a lot of wrong, but they had courage and responded well to the public's push". In short, the golden point. And the ranking of the group still smiles at the good Luciano …


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