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"Spartak" flew to the match with "Ufa" without Zobnin, Eremenko, Kombarova and Samedov

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Acting head coach of Spartak Raul Riancho included 17 football players in the delegation of the club, which went to the match of the 14th round of the RPL with Ufa, the official website of the red-and-whites reports.

The composition of “Spartak” is as follows: Alexander Maksimenko, Artem Rebrov, Salvatore Bokketti, Georgy Dzhikia, Andrei Yeshchenko, Ilya Kutepov, Nikolai Rasskazov, Denis Glushakov, Alexander Lomovitsky, Lorenzo Melgareho, Ivelin Popov, Alexander Tashaev, Artem Timofyev, and the figure, Artem Timofev, Referent, is already the same, as well as by the figure, and the Armed Timofeev should be used by the Director General, Lorenzo Melgarekho, Ivelin Popov, Alexander Tashaev, Artem Timofeev. Hanni, The Luis, Luiz Adriano.

It is noted that several players remained to train at the base in Tarasovka: Dmitry Kombarov, Marko Petkovich, Jano Ananidze, Roman Eremenko, Alexander Samedov and Pedro Rocha. The midfielder Roman Zobnin was diagnosed with microtrauma of the muscles of the back group of the right thigh, and Mikhail Ignatov set out on November 8 for the location of the youth team of Russia.

The match "Ufa" – "Spartak" will be held at the stadium "Oilman" on November 11.

Pucko: really looking forward to the match "Ufa" with "Spartacus", we need to score three points


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