SPD member of the Bundestag saved colleagues from deportation


Hanover / Berlin (dpa) – Adis Ahmetovic and Matthias Miersch are not only SPD members of the Bundestag – the two share a very special story.

Without Miersch, Ahmetovic would probably not have recently entered the Bundestag. The story of the two began more than 20 years ago. Ahmetovic was a little boy at the time, Miersch a young lawyer.

«My parents came to Hanover in 1992 as war refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina. I was born in Hanover in 1993. Many Western Balkan refugees have been deported since 1996, including us, ”Ahmetovic told the German Press Agency. In 1997, his family was again not granted a residence permit. One year later the family was to leave Germany for good.

Appeal lodged

“My parents didn’t want to accept that,” says Ahmetovic. «I was born in Hanover, my big brother went to school here. At that time, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a country marked by war and unfortunately also destroyed. ” A lawyer should then lodge an objection against the procedure – it was his current party colleague Miersch. After years of tough negotiations, Ahmetovic said his family received a permanent residence permit in March 2001.

«Before the election there was a meeting between Matthias, my parents and me. So we reviewed it all again. It’s an indescribably great feeling. ” First Miersch was a lawyer, then a comrade, now a friend. «That is madness. Now, 24 years later, we are sitting together in the Bundestag for the Hanover region. It’s a blatant feeling. “

tears in the eyes

A few years after the successfully prevented deportation, Ahmetovic and Miersch met again by chance. At the age of 15, Ahmetovic joined the SPD in 2008; his party colleague was SPD chairman in the Hanover region at the time. “Then he came to me, gave me his card and said: Just ask your parents if they know me? I couldn’t remember it. ” When he then gave his mother the card, these tears were in their eyes. «I was a little kid back then. I could still remember that there was a bucket of Haribo in the office, ”says Ahmetovic.

Haribo continues to connect the two. «Matthias Miersch always has a bucket of Haribo in his office. Whenever I had a conversation with him and reached into it, we had to think about our first encounters. ” Ahmetovic was formerly Jusos chairman in the Hanover region. For him, Miersch is a “sincere, reliable, committed and good-hearted person.”

Miersch himself said on dpa request that he sees his party colleagues as an enormous asset to the SPD parliamentary group. Miersch feels, in his own words, on friendly terms with him and his family. The 52-year-old has been in the Bundestag since 2005.

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