Home Entertainment Spice Girls break ticket sales records after the online queue reaches 700,000

Spice Girls break ticket sales records after the online queue reaches 700,000

The Spice Girls broke the records on ticket sales as fans sought a seat in an online queue of more than 700,000 people.

The band added a number of dates to their reunion tour as fans poured out their frustration in the onslaught on tickets.

The group, which will be back on the road together next year without Victoria Beckham, announced that they will play additional fixtures in London, Coventry and Manchester.

The Spice World Tour will start on May 29, 2019 instead of June 1st at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Three concerts will take place in the city.

They will play two more dates at Wembley Stadium in London, with shows scheduled for June 13, 14 and 15 and an additional appointment in Coventry and on June 4 at Ricoh Arena.

Andrew Parsons, Ticketmaster's CEO, said, "The demand for Spice Girls was off the charts. Breaking the records of Ticketmaster UK, they are the best-selling ever.

"On our website, millions of people were looking for tickets. The queue was at some point at well over 700,000.

"Hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold to happy fans across the country within minutes. Congratulations to the girls. From what we saw, they could have played almost every night for a year. "

The fans had trouble getting tickets to the live shows, and Ticketmaster asked to write on Twitter: "Morning Spice fans! It is a very exhausting morning and we sell tickets fast.

"To ensure fair access, please follow the instructions."

A fan wrote on Twitter: "@TicketmasterUK, how can you buy tickets for # SpiceWorld2019 if" something went wrong "? ????? Absolutely ridiculous! "

Another said: "No, @TicketmasterUK, there is no problem with my connection. Your website can not handle the traffic shows. #Igiveup. "

Others expressed anger that tickets already appear on resale sites. One wrote: "Absolutely crazy. Stay kicked out. Somehow these tickets already exist for hundreds on other websites. Not good."

Another said: "@TicketmasterUK Want to fool me? I've been in the queue since the sale, I always get the error message and people have already bought it and stuck it in the stub hub for a proper amount. Come on, get out of it. "

Others, however, celebrated their success with a fan: "GUESS WHO GOES IN THE NEXT YEAR # SPICEWORLD2019 !!! I literally cry. A dream comes true."

Another wrote: "I can not believe that I have TICKETS !!! Sooooooo excited! Ha-Si-Ya KEEP FIRST !!!!"

Ticketmaster reassured the fans and told them not to give up, tweeting: "The site is buzzing and many of you are getting your @ SpiceGirls tickets this morning!

"If you are still in the queue, do not worry, there are many tickets for the round."



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