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Splinter Chabot: ‘Maybe a relationship with two men suits me better’

by archyw

Sanne Hans recognizes this. She used to be bullied with her stutter and wrote a song about it as Miss Montreal. “When I play that live for fifteen-year-olds, it’s like seeing myself standing – times ten thousand. Girls who literally sing along to the lyrics. That’s what I really like about our work: that you can help people with something you make.”

Two at once

When it comes to love a little later, Splinter says that he falls in love rather quickly. “Sometimes on several guys at the same time. And also regularly on acorns who consider themselves very handsome. Somehow I like that.” But above all he is looking for someone who will take him on an adventure. “He doesn’t necessarily have to read a book every day, but I think a broad general interest is important.”

“I can’t have long relationships,” says Splinter. “If someone stays the night and then wants to make follow-up appointments right away, it feels like an octopus jumping on me. I’m so fed up with that. Maybe a relationship with two men would suit me better. I don’t know if I could handle it, but it seems like a lot of fun.”

Splinter and Sanne in LINDA.205 (Image: Carli Hermès). Text continues below the image.

wish for children

Splinter sees no children in his near future, neither does Sanne. “I don’t have ramshackle ovaries and I don’t think I ever will. I’m a very nice aunt, that’s worth a lot too. In addition, my boyfriend and I want to largely live on a boat within the next few years. I don’t think that’s ideal with children.”

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She continues: “We want to travel the world. My stepfather died two years ago, he was not yet sixty. This made me realize once again that I don’t want to enjoy my free time until I already have back pain and knee pain.”

Want to read the entire interview? That is possible in LINDA.205 ‘BIKINI ON AND GO’. The issue will be in stores on Wednesday 21 July (and can of course also be ordered online).

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