Sport.Forum.Switzerland: The turning point in sports business

It is the largest industry get-together for top decision-makers in the Swiss sports business. Today, the Sport.Forum.Switzerland is considered to be the mirror of the Swiss sports market, highlighting and critically examining the latest trends.

This year, the turning point in sport will be highlighted. The energy crisis, post-Covid and rising inflation do not stop at the sports business either. “A turning point is a big concept, but I am sure that it will apply to the Swiss sports business in the next few years,” explains Hans-Willy Brockes, the organizer of the congress and managing director of ESB Marketing Netzwerk. “We are in the transition from male-dominated sports management to a diverse structure. Furthermore, the change will be reflected in demanding environmental, social and governance standards, ESG standards for short, which are relevant in every area of ​​sports business,” says Brockes.

ESG – three letters that stand for more responsibility in sport, according to a statement. The abbreviation describes three sustainability-related areas of responsibility of companies. Therefore, the topics of diversity, women in sport and sustainability are examined in separate forums.

Other trends, such as visionary financing, tokens and crypto, as well as all aspects of sports consumption via analog and digital media, are the focus. And how gamification is used today to guide visitors and activate sponsorship will be demonstrated by the placeit company on site.

“As with any good sporting event, fun should not be neglected: with the Ochsner Sport Lauftreff, the Adcom Sports Night and the collection of Placeit Event Tokens, there is movement in the congress day,” says Brockes in conclusion.

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A total of over 90 speakers will be on the KKL Luzern stage in 15 forums. Economic decision-makers, organizers, media and athletes meet at Sport.Forum.Switzerland. The Sport.Forum.Switzerland offers athletes a special space this year. Among others, the Olympic silver medalist Sina Frei, wrestler Michael Wiget, beach volleyball player Joana Heidrich, paraclimbing athlete Amruta Wyssmann, former Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld and running legend Viktor Röthlin will be there. (pd/cbe)