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Lübeck – Under the motto “Sport im Park – Lübeck moves!”, The School and Sport department and the Lübeck Gymnastics and Sports Association, in cooperation with six Lübeck sports clubs, invited to free training sessions in the Lübeck parks from mid-June to the end of August.

The colorful program – from parkour in the Lunapark to full-body gymnastics in the Drägerpark to “joy of movement by the sea” on the green beach in Travemünde – brought a lot of momentum to the parks and delighted many people. “In some cases we were literally overrun. Many have attended several offers. New social contacts have emerged. Many have rediscovered sport and exercise or even the sports club. We are very satisfied and have received great feedback ”- said the organizers. The participating sports clubs are also enthusiastic. All of them have won new members, would like to continue to participate in “Sport in the Park” and in future they will increasingly relocate training units outdoors.

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It should continue in summer 2022. With additional offers in other parks and campaigns for people with and without disabilities. “The pilot project has shown that sport knows no borders and connects people of all ages, from different cultures and with and without handicaps. This is an important experience and motivates us to continue and to establish “Sport in the Park” in Lübeck, ”the organizers agree.

The draft of the new sports development plan of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, which is to be approved by the citizenship in November, also takes up the topic of “Sport in the Park”: Since sport in Lübeck is now mainly practiced in parks, in the forest and on paths, movement should be – and sports opportunities in public spaces are expanded. Among other things, it is recommended to regularly evaluate the Sport-im-Park offer and to expand it to other locations in the city.

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The Hanseatic City of Lübeck, the Gymnastics and Sports Association and the sports clubs are looking forward to the Sport-im-Park season 2022. (PM)

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