Sports shorts; Dua Lipa is also venturing into the fashion trend

dua lipa and anwar hadid at the marc jacobs spring 2020 show

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Dua lipa celebrates birthday on the beach in basketball shorts

Today’s #OOTD is a trend where we really.not.more at the moment. can get around. Love it or hate it, but the wide running shorts trend is one that is going down the books. Tiffany Hsu in any case, is still far from saying goodbye to the sports shorts trend: ‘Sports shorts all day long,’ the Fashion Buying Director of designer webshop MyTheresa said. That’s how she wears them. And also a Danish influencer that many eyes are on, Emili Sindlev pulled a pair of sports shorts out of the closet for her birthday party and paired them with a super chic and feminine babydoll top.

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Cycling shorts out, basketball shorts in

Earlier this year we noticed that various models have said goodbye to the cycling shorts trend and have also switched to wide sports shorts. Likewise, last weekend’s birthday jet Dua Lipa. The 25-year-old singer was spotted with her boyfriend on her birthday Anwar Hadid (yes, brother of yes), a few friends and her super cute puppy (which we showed you before yes, but can you blame us?) on a beach in Malibu.

View the images of Dua Lipa (and pup) HERE.

Dua wears hers in the mix with just a bikini top (as one does on the beach), giving her beach look a nice athleisure look.

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