State Budget Surplus Again! Until May 2022 Reach Rp 132 T


The State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) again recorded a surplus in May 2022. The amount is IDR 132.2 trillion or 0.74% of gross domestic product (GDP).

“The total balance of our APBN until the end of May (2022) was a surplus of Rp. 132.2 trillion. Compared to last year, we had a deficit of Rp. 219.2 trillion. This is an extraordinary reversal of our fiscal condition,” Sri Mulyani said in a press conference on the June Edition of our State Budget. 2022, Thursday (23/6/2022).

This APBN surplus means that income is greater than the total government expenditure. State revenues reached Rp. 1,070.4 trillion (58% of the initial APBN target) or grew by 47.3%, while state expenditures reached Rp. 938.2 trillion (34.6% of the APBN target) or a correction of 0.8%.

In more detail, state revenues from tax revenues reached IDR 705.8 trillion or 55.8% of this year’s target, customs and excise of IDR 140.3 trillion or 57.3% of the target, and Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) reached IDR 224. .1 trillion or 66.8% of the target.

“Last year’s tax grew 3.4%, now it is 53.6%. Last year’s Customs and Excise grew 21.6%, this year it is still growing at 41.3%. Our PNBP last year has also grown 22.4%. , now growing 33.7%. So from the revenue side, we have experienced a significant upside,” explained Sri Mulyani.

For state expenditures, consisting of Ministry Institutional (KL) expenditures of Rp. 319.2 trillion (33.7%), non-KL expenditures of Rp. 334.7 trillion (33.5%) and transfers to regions and village funds (TKDD) of Rp. 284. .3 trillion (36.9%).

“This spending does not reflect subsidies and compensation (energy). Later, it is estimated that we will add almost Rp. 380 trillion alone. So later in our posture, income will increase by Rp. 420 trillion.

The primary balance also had a surplus of Rp 298.9 trillion, different from the previous year’s very large deficit. Debt financing fell drastically by 72.5% compared to the same period in 2021, net SBN reached IDR 75.3 trillion or 7.6% of the total IDR 991.3 trillion, and loans reached IDR 15.7 trillion.

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