Steps to charge PUBG MOBILE widgets via id

Charging PUBG tugs Free The site for free shipping PUBG tugs is one of the most important sites that all players want to visit and the PUBG Mobile game has a virtual currency to buy all the materials needed for the player while playing and in order to continue the game and achieve advanced points and buys such as the necessary clothes for players, weapons and this currency Famous and known as Shaddad.

Free pubg widgets

The prices of these wrenches vary, as these prices start from one dollar, and may actually reach one hundred and fifty dollars, depending on the player’s need, and also depends on the quantity he needs, you can ship these wrenches through many ways, where you can buy these wrenches through the site The official specialist that has been approved by the company, and the steps are as follows

  • Register on the site for PUBG jacks, which is affiliated with the UC TUG shipping company.
  • After that, log in with your Facebook, and then enter your ID.
  • Then click on it, and confirm the operation.
  • After that, select the method you would like to pay, and also specify the number of intensities, and after completing these steps, you will find the shipping process is done automatically.

Steps to charge PUBG Mobile widgets

  1. Enter the midasbuy site of the game PUBG Mobile.
  2. Log in and click on the zap icon.
  3. Choose the type of currency to be paid in which is UC which stands for Unkown Cash.
  4. Write down the player’s identification number, which is the ID.
  5. Choose the right package for the player, which varies from a large number, with multiple price categories suitable for everyone.
  6. Choose the appropriate form of payment through mobile balance or credit cards.
  7. This method is not completely free, but it is the safest method that helps the player to get a very large number of free skins with purchase.
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