Stiko recommendation for corona vaccination: Second booster – who should be vaccinated against corona for the 4th time?

In view of the omicron wave of the corona virus, people who are particularly at risk and employees in the health and care sector should receive a second booster vaccination, according to the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko).

The independent body published a corresponding recommendation at the beginning of February. But only a good 7 percent of the population in Germany has received the second booster vaccination so far (as of July 11, 2022).

Vulnerable groups and health workers

The Stiko recommendation for a second booster vaccination generally applies to everyone over the age of 70, for residents and those cared for in retirement and nursing homes as well as persons at risk of developing a serious illness in integration assistance facilities (e.g. workshops for the disabled).

Likewise, people should immunodeficiency-Diseases from the age of five get the second booster. The recommendation continues to apply to employees in health and care facilities, especially those with direct patient contact.

In the case of people at risk of health, the new booster vaccination should be administered no earlier than three months after the first booster vaccination, and for employees in the healthcare sector after six months at the earliest, according to the current Stiko recommendation.

EU and Stiko recommend 4th vaccination from the age of 60

The EU and now also the Stiko have issued a recommendation for a fourth corona vaccination for people over 60 years of age. In view of the renewed increase in cases and hospital admissions at the beginning of the summer, a second booster vaccination is urgently recommended, said EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides.

Health Minister Lauterbach supports EU recommendation

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach called the EU recommendation “sensible and overdue”. “There is enough vaccine and the number of cases is high,” he emphasized on Twitter. “Waiting for adapted vaccines takes too long and is too risky.”

Booster protection decreases quickly

The STIKO justifies its recommendation with a decreasing protection of basic and booster vaccinations. “Current data show that after the first booster vaccination, protection against infections with the currently circulating omicron variant decreases within a few months,” the Stiko statement said.

According to STIKO, however, people who have had another corona infection after an initial booster vaccination do not need a second booster.