Still sinking: Millionaires fell with Junior


The ambassador team does not win five games ago and records a balance of four losses and one draw. A team that is drowning on the shore.

Óscar Pérez- The Spectator

There are already five games without winning. And a classification that looked like a fact was unnecessarily embolized. Millionaires fell 1-0 to Junior during his visit to Barranquilla on the last to last date of the Eagle League.

Contrary to what many speculate, the players ran and searched for the game, it seems that they are not stopping their coach. But things stopped working a while ago. And the referee was a leading actor in the match: Wilmar Roldan.

First he did not charge a clear penalty in favor of the Blues and a few minutes later he took one from the Barranquilleros, but the foul had been outside. Wuilker Faríñez stopped the collection and extinguished the controversy.

However, as the trend has been this championship, Millionaires had no game generation. And the Junior, who did not have much to lose, through Daniel Moreno (60 ') scored the only goal of the match. He received a pass from Victor Cantillo from his chest and with a left-handed volley he stuck it in the corner. The Metro went crazy.

And also Jorge Luis Pinto, who was visibly upset by the result. And for the infantile expulsion of Felipe Román in the last play of the game for protesting a play to Roldán.

Millionaires recorded four losses and one draw in their last five games. He registers 27 units and was in the eighth box, but if Santa Fe wins his match this Sunday, he will take him out of the top eight. Junior already thinks of home runs with 31 points.

Wednesday's classic warms up between the two capital teams. A duel to the death. Millionaires are drowning on the shore.


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2019-10-19T22: 32: 07-05: 00



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Still sinking: Millionaires fell with Junior





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