Strasbourg. An old man survives a week stuck in a ditch


A Strasbourg octogenarian who has been missing since 12 April has been found alive, thanks to the call for witnesses launched by the national police. The old man has Alzheimer’s disease. He spent a week below a ditch without food or drink. His days are not in danger.
An octogenarian Strasbourg, who had disappeared for a week, was found Thursday, April 19 through the call for witnesses launched by the police. The old man, Alzheimer’s disease , disappeared without a trace on the evening of April 12th. According to the police, the man had left in the evening, aboard his vehicle. A few days later, the Department of Public Security of Bas-Rhin launched a call for witnesses for ominous disappearance. A call was widely relayed on social networks and in the press, fortunately for the old man. In a street of Strasbourg , a local resident finally spotted the vehicle of the disappeared. He was able to contact the police who confirmed, thanks to the registration number, that it was indeed the car of the octogenarian. Below a small ditch The investigators were then able to focus their research. Equipped with off-road motorcycles, the bikers of the national police combed a secluded ground. They finally discovered the victim “In an undergrowth, below a small ditch, a very isolated place and out of sight” , reports 20 minutes . The man had not eaten or drunk since the day of his disappearance. Presumably very dehydrated, the octogenarian was disoriented and made incoherent remarks. He was immediately taken care of by the medical services, and his days are not in danger. On his Twitter account, the police thanked the citizens for their help:

He was missing since April 12, Gilbert Stern was found by the police bikers @Strasbourg thanks to valuable information. He was in distress but he is safe and sound. ️ Your energy to relay our call to witnesses will have borne fruit. THANK YOU – National Police 67 (@Nat67 Police) April 19, 2018


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