World Suffering bark beetles, flying pollen, waiting forest workers

Suffering bark beetles, flying pollen, waiting forest workers


DThe mild temperatures give Hessen a foretaste of spring. While the ski lifts stand still in the Rhön, the summer toboggan run runs in Northern Hesse. The Hessian Forest is also a small winner, because a notorious pest must fear for its life in the warmth. An overview:

The mild temperatures do not affect the forest, says Michelle Sundermann from the State Office of Hessen Forst, who is particularly concerned with state and municipal forests. On the contrary: the warmth sprouts a mushroom that kills the harmful bark beetle. According to Sundermann, however, this is not enough to contain the large population of insects. The trees are still weakened by the dry summers of the past two years. Your "defense potential" stands and falls with sufficient water. The large amount of rain in autumn only reached the upper layers of the soil.

Plants with feelings of spring

On the fields it is currently a matter of waiting. "When it gets so warm, the plants get spring feelings," says Bernd Weber from the Hessischer Bauernverband. The plant sap, which is composed differently at milder temperatures, no longer serves as a sufficient "antifreeze" in the sudden onset of cold. Without snow cover, the plants lack additional protection. If the dreaded late frost arrives in March or April, the plants could be damaged.

According to Andreas Brömser, agricultural meteorologist at the German Weather Service (DWD), "severe frost events" have become less common. In spring 2018, large plant damage was recently counted, but this was not the case on a large scale. It may be that the coming spring will remain mild throughout.

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