‘Suriya’ announces moving forward BCG Model to push Thailand’s Bio Hub ASEAN in the year ’70

‘Suriya’ announces moving forward BCG Model to push Thailand’s Bio Hub ASEAN in the year ’70

Date 24 Nov 2021 time 15:30

Suriya emphasizes the BCG Model as a national agenda Ready to drive the Thai economy upgrading the business structure stimulate investment Create employment, create a career in the future

Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit Minister of Industry gave a keynote address at the webinar “BCG The New Growth Engine Powering the Thai Economy” organized by Post Today that it is well known that over the past several years, Environmental issues are a global issue and Thai society. attach great importance to due to the rapidly increasing global temperature problem. wasteful use of resources causing a lot of waste causing the world to be alert and turn their attention towards solving such problems. To create a sustainable and environmentally friendly society

In addition, over the past two years, the world has faced an unexpected situation that is the epidemic of COVID-19. which in the environmental dimension Even the disruption of economic activities from the epidemic will result in the restoration of natural resources. including reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But it’s only a temporary effect.

At the same time, the spread of COVID-19 also resulted in medical waste. Including single-use packaging from various delivery services has increased a lot. When the lockdown is released economic activity began to return to normal operation The country’s economy, both production and consumption, has returned to bustling. It may result in environmental problems. can intensify Without effective management

Therefore, in order to prepare for the Thai industrial economy able to adapt to the changes from the economic recovery after the Covid-19 situation effectively The government therefore needs to urgently find ways to manage to reduce the impact while finding a way to stimulate the economy to recover and return to normal growth quickly under the economic model BCG Model, which is an integration The three dimensions of economic development are Bio Economy, Circular Economy, and Green Economy at the same time.

The body of knowledge has been used to build on the strength of the country, namely biodiversity and abundant agricultural products. Change the production system to use resources cost-effectively. to maintain the balance of the environment which meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both in terms of sustainable production and consumption Coping with climate change is in line with the philosophy of sufficiency economy. which is an important principle in the economic and social development of Thailand The government has set the economic development drive of the BCG Model as a national agenda from 2021 onwards. to be in line with the aforementioned national agenda

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry attaches great importance to the development of Thai industries towards sustainable development. with the BCG economic model, with the goal of creating economic wealth Build social security and environmental sustainability through 6 driving mechanisms, namely 1) research and development of technology and innovation

2) Funding, benefits and rewards 3) Manpower and talent development 4) Cultivating, building and upgrading new entrepreneurs and business models 5) Standards, laws, and regulations conducive to the development of BCG 6) Creating and develop the market by developing an online industrial market platform by driving the development of the three economies BC and G simultaneously

For the development of the bio-economy or BioEconomy of the industrial sector, the goal is to push Thailand into the Bio Hub of ASEAN by 2027, which will focus on the development of 3 target products, namely bioplastics. In the past, the Ministry of Industry has integrated the implementation of such measures with relevant agencies. Progress has been made sequentially, both in removing barriers to investment and creating supporting factors. There are amendments to the type of bio-industry in the list annexed to the Ministerial Regulation stipulating the types, types and sizes of factories B.E. To support the biochemical industry business in potential areas

Accelerating domestic investment There are projects that have already started commercial production. representing a total investment value of more than 10,000 million baht, such as a dialysis solution production project and Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) production project in Rayong Province, Palm Biocomplex project in Chonburi province. Projects under construction near completion include the Nakhon Sawan Bio-Complex Project. Nakhon Sawan Province There are also projects proposed under the measure. and additional expansion projects in potential areas which is in the process of driving The investment of the private sector is expected to increase the value of investment in the country by approximately 130 billion baht.

demand stimulation Biodegradable plastic products certificates have been issued to manufacturers. for use in applying for corporate income tax exemption According to the tax measure to promote biodegradable plastic packaging, 5 cases total 50 certificates.

including the issuance of standards for biological products and networking as a center of excellence in biotechnology. by giving advice to entrepreneurs to upgrade the production process to the bioplastics industry Development of prototype biological products as well as in the process of establishing the Center for the Promotion of Bio-Industry in Chonburi Province

for further action The ministry will continue to expand the measures to the region. ready to publicize the measures to encourage entrepreneurs to invest Expanding the establishment of Bio Hub to all areas This will benefit both in terms of creating employment. income distribution and improve the quality of life for farmers in the area

As for the circular economy development, the ministry has given great importance to Industrial development based on the circular economy concept To make industry in the 4.0 era a mechanism for balanced growth in all aspects Not only economics but also must take into account the dimensions of society and the environment according to the goals

For sustainable development of the world, the Ministry of Industry has developed guidelines for the development of Thai industries based on the circular economy concept. proposed to the Prime Minister This approach focuses on the adjustment of the production structure from the old model to the new model. that takes into account the cost-effective and comprehensive use of resources

from production, consumption, waste management and reusing raw materials Under the vision “Maximize Economic Value and Minimize Environmental Impact” by increasing the efficiency of production to be potential and environmentally friendly. (Eco-efficiency) Adding industrial value from waste/waste materials. (Upcycling) and promoting business model adjustments, creating Circular Enterprises/Start ups.

including the development of ecosystems (Eco-system) to facilitate operations The guidelines that the Ministry of The proposal has been integrated into the country’s BCG Model Development Plan, which includes the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. be the main host for further implementation by the relevant agencies

The approach has also been driven through the operations of various departments within the ministry. until there are concrete results in many matters such as research and technology development through Thailand’s first recycling technology research and development center The outstanding technology is the complete recycling of Solar Cells waste technology and is in the process of developing technology. car battery recycling Motivating Entrepreneurs through Outstanding Industry Awards Circular economy type Zero Waste to Landfill Certificate incubation/uplifting entrepreneurs through promoting the establishment of sorting establishments Waste can be reused for commercial use.

The development of circular economy standards at the enterprise level and circular economy standards for each product, as well as developing and linking databases and tracking systems for products, waste / industrial waste, etc.

As for the development of bio-economy and circular economy according to the above development issues. It will lead to a green economy or Green Economy, which the ministry has always focused on. by focusing on industrial development along with preserving and reducing impacts on society and the environment Encourage establishments to develop into a green industry or Green Industry, which represents social responsibility both internally and externally throughout the supply chain. To achieve balance and step towards sustainable development

At the same time, industrial factories that have been certified for the green industry There will be opportunities to receive benefits in return such as receiving a certificate, emblem or plaque from the ministry. Currently, there are more than 43,000 green industry certified establishments.

In addition, the ministry also attaches great importance to the development of Eco Industrial Town in accordance with the issues outlined in the 20-year National Strategy (2018-2037), with the goal of providing Thailand with a model. “A nice city Industry partners” not less than 40 areas in 37 provinces, with currently there are plans for the development of eco-industrial cities, totaling 53 areas in 39 provinces, and is in the process of preparing an action plan for the development of eco-industrial cities, a period of 5 years, 2023-2027

To be a framework for the development of eco-industrial cities in the country as a whole and transfer them to the development at the local level in the future. The Ministry looks forward to receiving your cooperation. to jointly drive action in this matter seriously so that the industrial sector can coexist with society and communities

The transition to the BCG Economy Model requires Integration from all sectors, including the government, the private sector, as well as the people’s sector. It is gratifying to note that today we have witnessed the efforts and cooperation of various sectors in bringing the BCG Model as an answer to the problem. both the government’s policy support Implementation of a pilot project by the private sector

Modifying consumer behavior and the creation of knowledge and understanding of the BCG economy for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The success of these actions will bring benefits to the country as a whole. both in terms of economy from cost reductions and increased productivity in the social aspect that will contribute to creating jobs, generating income, and distributing the benefits from development to the foundation level in various areas.

including in the environment to help reduce environmental problems make a better environment As a result, the quality of life of the people has improved accordingly. These benefits will be part of helping to restore the country’s economy and society to grow again after the Covid-19 situation and have a strong immunity to face the volatile global situation. on the basis of self-reliance and sustainable development It’s time that we must together “Drive Thai industry in the New Normal era through the BCG Economy mechanism to be a powerful driving force for the Thai economy”, which will lead the country towards stable, prosperous and sustainable growth in accordance with the national strategic goals.