Suzy Cortez makes Lionel Messi warm with a very close-up

Miss BumBum is Lionel Messi’s biggest fan and managed to gain the limelight with her super close-up photography.

Miss BumBum not only gained fame for her charms, but even more for declaring herself a fan of Lionel Messi. His admiration for the player is such that he has even dared to get a tattoo with his face in a very well hidden area.

The repeated publications dedicated to Lionel Messi have made Antonela Roccuzzo react, who was in charge of blocking Miss BumBum from the player’s user to prevent him from being tempted and liking it.

However, Miss BumBum doubled down and not only changed her username, but also created a new account and she has already started following Lionel Messi! It was there that he posed wearing the Argentina National Team shirt and boy, has he managed to make the player sweat.

After all the soap opera that has been surrounded by Lionel Messi, it was known that it would not take long for social networks to fill with photos of Suzy Cortez dedicated to him.

Although Antonela Roccuzzo has not yet blocked it, Miss BumBum is being quite careful with the level of exposure that she manages in her photographs. She does not want Lionel Messi to block her, so she is measuring herself when posing but, in any case, there are repercussions that she is generating in full view of all.

What will the next get away with? PSG fans have already started to follow her so as not to miss even one of the plays that Miss BumBum makes in full view of everyone.