Nasa showed photos of what would be the remains of a destroyed ship on Mars

With the camera of the Ingenuity helicopter, NASA spotted the remains of a spacecraft on the Martian surface, completely destroyed. Although the most committed ufologists want to think otherwise, the remains of spacecraft found by the US Space Agency on Mars are not of alien origin. Also: Remains of one of the last carnivorous dinosaurs […]

They investigate whether deputy saw pornography while attending a parliamentary session

The ruling Conservative Party of the United Kingdom is currently “investigating” whether one of its deputies was looking at pornographic content on his mobile phone while attending a parliamentary session in the House of Commons (lower), that political group confirmed today. Also: Boris Johnson fined for participating in parties during confinement by covid in the […]

Boji, the stray dog ​​who rides in Istanbul transport, has 61,000 subscribers on

Boji has become in the space of a few weeks, one of the most famous dogs in Turkey. The animal wanders on Istanbul’s public transport, reports the HuffPost. Travelers can meet him on subway trains, trams, and also on ferries. A little steamer, a little marti – Boji (@boji_ist) October 2, 2021 Officials from […]

Video: He has a knife! Six injured in New Zealand by terrorist attack

The New Zealand Police yesterday shot dead the author of a “violent terrorist attack” in a supermarket in the city of Auckland, where he had injured six people with a knife, reported the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Also: Ten Years Since Osama bin Laden’s Death: What Happened To Al Qaeda? “This afternoon at about […]