Santalucía launches a savings insurance issue with a 9.2% coupon at maturity

The insurer St. Lucia has launched a new issue of its MaxiPlan Inversión Premium savings life insurance, with which it offers a 9.20% coupon at maturitywith a time horizon of four years, as reported this Monday in a statement. Insurance is a single premium product and links the investment to the evolution of the ‘Solactive […]

ING Spain captures 9% more deposits until June after returning to remunerate them

The decision to remunerate savings has allowed ING Spain increase its customer base. At the end of June, the main customers exceed 3 million, 5.7% more than a year ago, and the total amounts to 4.13 million, after experiencing a growth of 3.5%. The Salary Account, which pays 1.25%, exceeds 2.5 million, while the NoCuenta […]

Embed Code for Radio Cut Audio Player in Different Sizes

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“Minimum Price Acceptance Rules: Get the Best Price Guaranteed!”

Rules for the acceptance of the minimum price: We fight every day to get the best prices for you, So if you find this product on a Spanish website at a lower price than ours, Fill out the form and we will try to match or improve it as much as possible. Conditions not valid […]

Laval. Three students are organizing a blood drive, Thursday March 9, 2023

Three students in the first year of the BTS Services and services in the health and social sectors (SP3S) at the Haute Follis high school in Laval (Mayenne), are setting up a blood drive, in partnership with the French Blood Establishment. March 9, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It will take place on […]

the first official goal of Estigarribia in Atlético Tucumán

Rewrite this content The Dean lost against Platense as a visitor and the scorer appeared to put a draw and celebrate his first cry with Celeste and Blanca. Atletico Tucuman lost 1-0 against Platense in Vicente López and was looking everywhere for equality. At the moment he needed it most, the scorer appeared: Marcelo Estigarribia […]