Waiting for the thaw: Nick Cave in a loop, partitions of artists and life in bulk

1 – With a land use plan With its pastel colors and its way of taking the player by the hand during the first hour, Before We Leave installment in the often austere world of management video games, “city builder” options (type Sim City, remember!) and “4X” (the Civilization). Especially since he proudly displays his […]

Death of Gregory Tyree Boyce, actor seen in “Twilight”

Gregory Tyree Boyce, interpreter of the character of Tyler Crowley in Twilight, was found dead at his home in Las Vegas (United States) on the afternoon of Wednesday May 13. He was 30 years old. The lifeless body of Natalie Adepoju, his 27-year-old partner, was also discovered on the spot. No crime was believed to […]

Night shift: Cash & Carry – film review – film

1/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 2/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 3/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 4/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 5/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry Photo: Imago images, montage: TVSPIELFILM 1/8 Now click through the gallery and read the personal recommendations! Photo: Amazon Prime Video; Montage: TVSPIELFILM 2/8 The Handmaid’s […]

‘Twilight’ actor Gregory Tyree Boyce dies

The actorGregory Tyree Boyce,known for his participation in the saga ‘Twilight‘was found dead on May 13 in Las Vegas. The body of the young man, just30 years, was found next to his girlfriend’s,Natalie Adepoju, 27 years old. The cause of death has not yet been specified., but according to ‘E! News’, it was Boyce’s cousin […]

Death of Michel Piccoli, antistar of French cinema

It had been revealed by contempt by Jean-Luc Godard in 1963; before becoming the monument of French cinema that we celebrate today. The 94-year-old actor Michel Piccoli, still seen recently in Habemus papam, of Nanni Moretti, died on May 12 of a stroke, according to his family on Monday. At the end of a career […]

Piccoli, a much loved magnet

He was not friendly. He is not the actor by whom we found ourselves dreaming of cinema and feelings, young girl, groupie. Not first. How to love the one who inspired contempt to start? Not amiable, however so much loved. Why that ? Because loving. There has always been, even in the shamelessness or libertine […]

Mark Ruffalo, the gloomy life

The mini-series I Know This Much is True is to Mark Ruffalo what the Revenant was to Leonardo DiCaprio, a work entirely devoted and swallowed by an extraordinary performance. And we like it a lot (a lot!), The Ruffalo from Dark Waters or Spotlight, with his doggy eyes and cheeks plunged into paperwork. But did […]