Announced as the best in the world in 2022. an airline company

Still, entering the quieter travel months of September and October, there was reason to celebrate in London on Friday as industry leaders gathered at the Langham Hotel for the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022, according to CNN. Skytrax, a UK-based airline and airport review and rating website, has conducted more than 14 million flights. customer […]

Why Airlines Hate AirTags | Newstream

During this summer’s travel season, Chaos popularized tracking devices for suitcases that help pinpoint their exact location if they’re lost. But airlines don’t want passengers to use them. “Take out your flashlight” Although the AirTag tracking device from Apple was not the first of its kind, the American company managed to popularize it the best […]

Fine and prison sentence for fighters on KLM flight

The aircraft landed at Schiphol at half past eight in the morning. During the flight, there were altercations between a group of four men (suspects aged 24, 25, 35 and 35) and a group of two men (including a 33-year-old suspect). The two men are said to have made discriminatory comments towards the four. Fellow […]

Washington approves 13 new flight frequencies to Cuba from Florida

The Joe Biden administration will expand US airline flights to Havana, adding 13 new weekly American Airlines departures from Miami and one weekly JetBlue departure from Fort LauderdaleFlorida, the US Department of Transportation reported Monday. This number of new frequencies is added to the six daily flights that American Airlines already makes and the three […]

KLM cancels 42 flights on Monday

Schiphol’s request on Friday to further intervene in capacity did not lead to more cancellations, according to a KLM spokeswoman. KLM is the largest user of Schiphol. The company previously said it was “very displeased” about the course of events. Schiphol announced on Friday that until the end of October, 9250 fewer passengers may depart […]

Condor also replaces entire short and medium-haul fleet

Last year, Condor placed an order for sixteen Airbus A330-900s to replace the Boeing 767s. Those devices will be available from this fall. In the coming years, Condor will therefore replace all its aircraft. As a result, the Germans say they will soon have one of the most modern and environmentally friendly fleets in Europe. […]

Smoke and flames on a United Airlines flight that has just landed: panic on board

Panic aboard a United Airlines domestic flight from Kansas City, Missouri, and landed in Denver, Colorado. Suddenly the inside of the plane was engulfed in smoke from the floor. The plane had just landed in Colorado when the fire broke out, possibly due to overheating of the brakes. “Leave the bags, leave the bags, this […]

Emirates A380 lands with hole (but it looks worse than it is)

The hole was not in the hull (and therefore not in the pressurized cabin), but in a fairing: an aerodynamic component that serves to reduce air resistance. The hole therefore did not pose a problem during the flight: it was only discovered afterwards. The crew already suspected that a tire had burst at take-off in […]

Sky couches. New Zealand airlines are preparing a revolution

The service, which New Zealand airlines have already named “Skynest”, will be payable. It is not surprising in times when you have to pay for extra luggage, choosing a convenient place and priority boarding. The sleeping capsules, which can be purchased in advance of travel, will be provided with a mattress and bedding. You will […]