Yves Klein in Nice, blue in the skies

It’s a cloudless sky and the matrix of a work. That of one of the most important artists of the XXe century, born in Nice in 1928. He recounts it in 1961 in his Chelsea Hotel Manifesto : “That day, when I was lying on the beach in Nice, I began to hate birds flying […]

Anaïs Nin, “a vigor and a disorder in the will to say everything”

Aggregate of English, the novelist Agnès Desarthe (the Luck of their lives, 2018) is also a translator. She gave the French version of more than thirty books, among which, in the editions of L’Olivier, the birds of the sky by Alice Thomas Ellis, and recently A little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all by […]

François-Frédéric Guy: “Beethoven is in a permanent revolution”

The musical world is brimming with commemorations and tributes to Ludwig van Beethoven. Why this craze? Because he was born two hundred and fifty years ago. Deuce. Eager not to let ourselves be drowned in this torrent of reverences, we too have decided to pay homage to the deaf of Bonn, by asking several musicians […]

Caroline Wells Chandler, skillful hooks

Merry psychedelic drills explode on the walls of the Eric Mouchet gallery in Paris (VIe). Woven on a crochet hook with a thick thread, these funny creatures, sort of shaggy elves, straight out of Caroline Wells Chandler’s imagination, dance in circles, make entrechats, levitate and spread their legs, a bit exhibitionist. Vulva, anus and penis […]