Citroën Oli proves that electric cars don’t have to be fat monsters

Citroën presented the concept of a sympathetic urban electric car called Oli. Emphasizes low weight and recycled materials. It also introduces the brand’s new logo. A few days ago, we showed you the new logo of the Citroën car company, which in its appearance refers to the brand’s original logo from 1919. In one of […]

Škoda is preparing a small electric SUV for the city. This is how we imagine it

In the coming years, Škoda will launch an electric offensive, which will also include an urban electric crossover. We tried to guess his form. We learned several interesting things at the presentation of the Škoda Vision 7S concept. The study of a large SUV carries design elements called Modern Solid, which over time will appear […]

Toyota bZ3 leaked to the public, will it be the electric Corolla of the future?

An all-electric sedan has been leaked to the public thanks to Chinese authorities. However, we still don’t know much about his technique. Toyota has had a more restrained approach to electric cars for a long time, but at the end of last year it announced that it was working on 15 electric models. During the […]

The VW Golf may end with the current generation. Due to emission regulations

The accelerated onset of electromobility is rapidly changing the face of the automotive world as we know it. Even successful cars such as the VW Golf can disappear from the market. The pressure on electromobility is unrelenting, and the rapidly tightening emission limits do not leave much room for car manufacturers to find alternative routes. […]

Chinese expansion into Europe: Nio will open a plant in Hungary in September

Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio plans to open its first plant abroad in September, Reuters reported. A factory for the production of battery exchange stations is being built in Hungary, about 20 kilometers west of Budapest. According to the Hungarian media, the investment amounts to 5.5 billion forints (about 337 million CZK), of which the […]