AMLO prepares a mechanism to base subcontracted workers

Liliana padilla Mexico City / 30.11.2020 08:43:19 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that with respect to workers under contract to the government, a mechanism will be established so that they have their bases. In a morning press conference at the National Palace, the president commented that the bill to regulate outsourcing, also known as […]

Video. Protester slaps AMLO’s security element; demanded cancer drugs

Playas de Rosarito, Baja California.- This Sunday, at the end of an event of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a protester slapped to a member of the Presidency of the Republic’s Logistics team when he tried to remove her from the path of the truck in which the chief executive was traveling. “Don’t grab […]

Criticism is part of the journalistic exercise: Agencia Mexiquense de Noticias

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador can exercise his right of reply, but he must be careful, because there is a very fine line between it, stigmatization and threats. This is what the journalist and director of the Mexiquense News Agency, Carlos González, points out in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, who considers that the President […]

With a painting they thank AMLO for supporting day laborers in Baja California

Athanasius Eligio Leyva, who 21 years ago migrated from Chilapa, Guerrero, to work in “la pisca” (harvest), painted a portrait of President López Obrador within a crop field to thank, noted, the support he has given to day laborers of this migrant community. Prior to the arrival of Executive to the new municipality to sign […]

He who owes nothing is afraid of nothing, right, President?

They point out that even though the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador assures that what the National Intelligence Center (CNI) itself gave to EL UNIVERSAL about the files it has of the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa) are only “newspaper clippings”, as his Security cabinet has not fully informed him with veracity what that intelligence organism […]

AMLO orders to open the follow-up to Frenaaa

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that his government “does not spy” on opponents and ordered the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to release the files it reserved for five years on the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa) and its leader Gilberto Lozano , which the intelligence agency has followed since May. In its November 26 edition, […]

Microsoft will activate program in Juárez to boost employment

In order to promote and formalize employability in Ciudad Juárez, the 4.0 program will start so that people improve their opportunities to access a job and that companies can attract and retain talent in this changing environment, highlighted Omar Saucedo Macías, from Community Engagement Manager, Techspark México, Microsoft. The “Empléate 4.0” program seeks that people […]

AMLO travels to Baja California; will tour the entity on the weekend

After his press conference at the National Palace, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador arrived at the International Airport “Benito Juárez” in Mexico City (AICM) to board a commercial flight to go to Mexicali, Baja California, where he will begin his weekend tour of that entity. In addition to the members of the Assistantship, the […]

They hide evidence of Covid from AMLO

They make us see that even though the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He constantly assures that he heads a government where transparency reigns, which indicates that it is the basis for democracy, apparently these speeches have not reached his office. They detail us that when asking via transparency the number of Covid-19 tests that […]