The unusual reason for the trend in social networks of Lionel Scaloni

April 2019 in Mallorca. Lionel Scaloni He suffered an accident on the street when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Fortunately nothing serious happened and they were only minor injuries that he himself showed to provide peace of mind to the Argentines, since the Copa América 2019 was about to start. […]

Cuti Romero crossed Olave and the former leadership of Belgrano: “They threw shit at me.”

The defender of the Argentine National Team, Cristian ‘Cuti’ Romero, criticized the previous leadership of Belgrano and assured that they threw him “shit” when he was transferred to Genoa in Italy. The Tottenham defender spoke with ESPN and revealed strong anecdotes involving the past Pirate leadership and the former sports director, Juan Carlos Olave. He […]

Why the World Cup every two years could benefit Argentina

The idea of ​​FIFA, resisted by many national teams, players and fans, would give the country more chances to host a World Cup, according to what President Infantino said. The change you want to implement FIFA with the dispute of the World Cup every two yearsInstead of four as it was historically, it is under […]

The controversial difference between Maradona and Messi according to Chilavert

The Guarani legend of the three suits passed through Líbero and was expressed about the dissimilarities between Diego and Leo. Since the debut of Lionel Messi, back in 2004, the -odious- comparisons between him and Diego Armando Maradona they were common currency. This time, Jose Luis Felix Chilavert went through Libero and commented which is […]

Scaloni’s decision with Dybala in the Argentine National Team

La Joya, who suffered a muscle injury last Sunday playing with Juventus, was deactivated from the list for the games to come: Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru. After having returned to the Argentine National Team on the FIFA date of September, Paulo Dybala had once again earned a place in the consideration of Lionel Scaloni, but […]