Finances: Lindner can take a deep breath: the debt brake holds despite the loans

An 18-hour marathon session until the early morning – the householders rarely needed that long. The budget for 2023 is now sealed – with a debt brake. Christian Lindner carried it before him like the Holy Grail: In the first federal budget, for which he is solely responsible as Minister of Finance, the debt […]

“Uninterrupted construction program”: Naval Inspector: Must not underestimate Moscow’s fleet

“Uninterrupted construction program” Naval Inspector: Must not underestimate Moscow’s fleet 11/05/2022 7:31 am A few days ago, Ukrainian drones attacked Russian warships off Sevastopol. Despite the attack, Germany’s top marine still believes the Kremlin’s fleet is powerful. Vice Admiral Kaack warns that the Kremlin’s fleet building program is continuing unabated. According to Germany’s top marine, […]

Dispute over cheetah ammunition: Switzerland as a problem

Dhe anti-aircraft vehicle Gepard was the first heavy weapon system that Germany promised Ukraine. When that was decided in April, some excited participants in the Berlin debate still thought it was not enough. It also took a while for the tanks to get to the front. But reports are now coming from there that the […]

Conscription will return in Poland? “The time of mass armies is over”

In the interview, the researcher also cites the model used in Sweden, where conscription was restored in 2017. – As a result, several thousand people were admitted to the army. Most of them were still volunteers. As part of the conscription, several thousand people with specific skills were sent to the army – electronics, communications, […]

Federal Court of Auditors considers borrowing for defense purposes to be unconstitutional

Business “Double boom” of the traffic light Federal Court of Auditors considers borrowing for defense purposes to be unconstitutional Stand: 18.10.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes “It’s a death throes for big gas consumers” “I don’t see the double boom,” says Markus Jerger, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses. “We need immediate […]

Peter Castle | Generals Carlos Rabanal Calderón and Jorge Agramonte Aguilar are profiled for division general | Army | Mario Risco Carmen | Carlos Escudero-Sotomayor | Armed Forces | Present

Four brigadier generals from the same Inca Pachacútec promotion, graduated in 1988 from the Chorrillos Military School, They are in the starting line for promotion to the rank of division general: Carlos Rabanal Calderón, Jorge Agramonte Aguilar, Mario Risco Carmen and Carlos Escudero Sotomayor. Those with the greatest chance of reaching the rank of divisional […]