Three Pines: Teaser for the crime series with Alfred Molina – In search of the truth

Doctor Octopus actor Alfred Molina slips into the role of Canadian investigator Armand Gamache for Amazon Prime Video. Based on Louise Penny’s crime series, the series follows the Inspector’s murder investigations in the idyllic East Coast town of Three Pines. „Evil reached into the ground in Three Pines.“ It is not yet known which case […]

The impressive resemblance of Princess Leonor with a successful Spanish actress

The Princess Eleanor is in the eye of all eyes since it is being regular presence at public events. Now, the team of ‘It’s already noon’ has rescued from social networks a surprising resemblance to a renowned Spanish actress. After seeing Leonor at the ‘Princess of Girona’ awards, social networks have found a great resemblance […]

Review: “Man vs. Bee” (Netflix Miniseries) – 9 short, entertaining episodes

“You know, there was this bee” – a sentence that triggered a turbulent comedy with “Mr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson describes. “Man vs. Bee” is a nine-part miniseries, less than 2 hours long in total, but without great lengths in the narrative. Even if you don’t really understand why “Man vs. Bee” had to be […]

Stranger Things 4 Season Finale Trailer – In 10 Days!

We already had pictures of the second part of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” (or officially issue 2 of part 4…) for you here, as well as some first teasers, now Netflix has its successful nostalgia format also an official trailer for the conclusion donated. First of all you will find the trailer in […]