Coral, source of inspiration for architects

More and more engineers and entrepreneurs, concerned with developing more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, are turning to the way nature works. With this bio-inspiration are born numerous research and development projects in sometimes very different fields, such as the design of anticancer or antiviral drugs, or of structure or “corallo-inspired” material for the urban architecture […]

Magic weekend – Three Zodiac quarantine will become an insight

Desires and dreams will become their inspiration. “Originality and effectiveness are my everything!” – will declare Leo, Aries and Scorpio. Someone will start mastering a new promising profession, someone will reveal the talent of a coach in himself, and for someone, a hobby will become a life’s work. Three Zodiacs quarantine will be an insight […]

Stolen inspiration: SZ discontinues column

Inspirated, copied or simply stolen? The popular science magazine “Katapult” had argued about this with an editor of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Editors and readers of the “Katapult” magazine had noticed several times that the contents of the “Dry Numbers” section, in which social or geographical phenomena are sharply compared, were copied from a similar section […]

California to apologize for the internment of Japanese Americans – NBC Los Angeles

American Les Ouchida was born just outside the capital of California, but his citizenship was not much after Japan’s Pearl Harbor and the US broke into war. Based on his single Japanese ancestry, the 5-year-old and his family were taken from their home in 1942 and imprisoned in Arkansas. They were among 120,000 Japanese Americans […]