First bath in Formentera | Culture

Look, I’ve been to Formentera a few times, but it had never been so strange. Not even the time when, 20 years ago, we went there with the girls and took the TV and it turned out that there in Migjorn the signal did not arrive and the little ones had a good time without […]

“The Epidemic”, full-blown dystopia

In the middle of Covid-19, a title like that … But Asa Ericsdotter published the epidemic in 2016, so the suspicion of opportunism does not hold, nor the hypothesis of a divine coincidence. And in fact, this novel does not imagine a health virus but a political dystopia: Sweden, supposedly a welfare state, lets itself […]

Coronavirus thrives in toilets, but does not survive disinfectant

Scientists noted that the environment was “a potential means of transmission” and that “strict adherence to environmental and hand hygiene measures” was paramount. UA study released Wednesday showed that patients with the new coronavirus were widely contaminating their bedrooms and bathrooms, highlighting the need to regularly clean surfaces like sinks and basins. However, the virus […]

California to apologize for the internment of Japanese Americans – NBC Los Angeles

American Les Ouchida was born just outside the capital of California, but his citizenship was not much after Japan’s Pearl Harbor and the US broke into war. Based on his single Japanese ancestry, the 5-year-old and his family were taken from their home in 1942 and imprisoned in Arkansas. They were among 120,000 Japanese Americans […]

Bath of realism and feminism in the new Catalan cinema | Culture

Belén Funes (Barcelona, ​​1984) says that in Madrid the joke is already recurring. “There is a lot of talk about the phenomenon of Catalan directors. I have been told to eat and drink in Barcelona so that we are so many and we make so much noise, “explains the recent winner of the Goya to […]