Court orders New York Democratic primary to be held

The Democratic presidential primaries of NY they must take place on June 23, because canceling them would be unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Federal judge Analisa Torres The Manhattan court issued the ruling after hearing the arguments the day before, as attorneys for retired presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang alleged it was […]

Hillary Clinton supports Joe Biden as a presidential candidate

NAfter various other high-ranking Democrats, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has officially backed Joe Biden as the party’s presidential candidate. At these times, the country needed a leader and president like Biden, Clinton said on Tuesday in a public online listing with Biden. You can hardly wait until Biden moves into the White […]

“The state cannot save all companies”

new York Steven Rattner has saved the US auto industry before. For the then US President Barack Obama, he headed the task force to rescue General Motors and Chrysler after the financial crisis ten years ago, earning him the unofficial title of “Auto-Tsar”. He is currently closely following the Trump administration’s relief efforts in the […]

Cover-up in the White House – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, the art of politics is to simply open up new areas of conflict and find new scapegoats at the moment of danger. US president Donald Trump has now created an opponent whom he regards as far too friendly to China: the World Health Organization WHO. Without further ado he stops all […]

Obama expresses support for Biden | candidacy in video message NOW

US former President Barack Obama on Tuesday expressed support for Joe Biden. Until now, Obama has been in the background fighting for the Democratic presidential nomination, but his role may have been larger than thought. “Appointing Joe as Vice President is one of the best choices I have ever made. He has become a good […]

Bernie Sanders pledges support to Biden

Joe Biden (l.) And Bernie Sanders Sanders had dropped out of the Democratic presidential race last week, paving the way for Biden’s candidacy. (Photo: dpa) Washington Left senator Bernie Sanders has officially pledged his support to the only remaining presidential candidate, Joe Biden. He is calling on all Americans to support Biden’s presidential candidacy – […]

Joe Biden beats Bernie Sanders in the Alaska Democratic primary

Joe Biden won the Alaska Democratic primary for the United States presidential election nomination, defeating the senator Bernie Sanders days after Sanders suspended his campaign. Biden defeated Sanders on Saturday with 55.3% of the vote, compared to the senator’s 44.7%. A total of 19,759 votes were presented. Biden will receive 11 delegates and Sanders 4. […]

Biden wins area code in Alaska after Sanders exit

Joe Biden The former US Vice President was only able to get half of the votes in the Alaska primaries. (Photo: AP) Washington The only remaining Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has won the Alaska state code, as expected. The Alaska Democratic Party declared the former US Vice President the winner on Saturday night (local […]

Election Update: Can Biden Win the ‘Bernie Bros’? | NOW

Welcome to this weekly update ahead of the November 3 US presidential election. With this week: Bernie Sanders is throwing it all, but he has left his mark and Joe Biden has something else to offer: his supporters. “The road to victory is virtually impossible,” Sanders said in a video message addressed to his supporters, […]

Sanders had multiple conversations with Obama before making the decision to end the campaign

Biden’s message after end of Sanders campaign (CNN) – Former United States President Barack Obama played an active, albeit private, role in the Democratic primaries that effectively ended on Wednesday when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders abandoned the race for the presidential bid. Obama and Sanders spoke several times in recent weeks when the Vermont senator […]