Animal sculptures at the Chanel Haute Couture Show

Rewrite this content Fantastic animals and the world of the circus were the focus of Chanel’s haute couture show, which was shown on Tuesday morning as part of Paris Fashion Week in front of stars such as Roger Federer and Baz Luhrman. For the third time, Creative Director Virginie Viard has collaborated with French artist […]

Recall measures for diesel engines from BMW AG continue – Economy & Volkswagen – News

The BMW AG is once again calling on a large number of diesel drivers to carry out the recall measures with the codes 0011540600, 0011550600, 0011560600, 0011570600, 0011580600, 0011590600, 0011600600, 0011610600, 0011620600, 0011630600, 0011640600, 0011650600 and 0011660600. These measures are related to the exhaust gas recirculation component group. This November, BMW AG also made headlines […]

Live! Decision in Group H: Who accompanies Portugal? – Sports news from Braunschweig

Live-Ticker Live! Decision in Group H: Who accompanies Portugal? 02.12.2022, 15:57 | Reading time: 2 minutes The Qatar Report: Germany is out The Qatar Report: Germany is out FUNKE reporter Sebastian Wessling reports on the German national team after their last game at the World Cup in Qatar. Video: FUNKE Foto & Video show description Doha. […]

Söderholm tests newcomers – new chance for Bokk – sports news from Braunschweig

Ice hockey national coach Toni Söderholm uses the Germany Cup for testing and has appointed numerous newcomers to the squad. Söderholm lets a number of leading players pause at the traditional four-nation tournament in Krefeld (November 10-13), but gives top striker Dominik Bokk from the Löwen Frankfurt another chance in the national team after his […]

52:63 – MTV/BG finds its way too late – sports news from Braunschweig

Basketball Regional League 52:63 – MTV/BG finds its way too late 23.10.2022, 15:35 | Reading time: 2 minutes With 16 points, Alexandra Berg (right) was the most successful woman from Wolfenbüttel after the defeat in Osnabrück. Photo: Sebastian Priebe / regios24 Wolfenbuettel. The badly battered Wolfenbüttel […]

Medical campus: Studies in Wolfsburg after stunk in Braunschweig – Wolfsburg – News at a glance

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Ladies climb to third place in the table

October 10, 2022 at 10:12 am 2. Hockey Bundesliga : CHTC women climb to third place in the table Lynn Krings scored the equalizer against Hannover. Photo: CHTC Krefeld Coach Andrè Schiefer’s team scored four points in their two home games at the weekend. There was a 5:4 win against Braunschweig. In the end it […]