Credit Suisse loses almost a billion euros in a single day – Banking & Finance

Credit Suisse lost almost CHF 1 billion in just one session. The Zurich giant saw its market capitalization fall from 10,328.24 million Swiss francs (10,497.2 million euros at current exchange rates) to 9,369.5 million francs, down 957.85 million Swiss francs (974.42 millions of euros). The bank – which is in the middle of a restructuring […]

Europe green on hopes of interest rate moderation – Markets in a minute

Euribor rises to 3, 6 and 12 months to new highs of over 13 years Euribor rates rose today to new highs since the beginning of 2009 for three, six and 12 months. The six-month Euribor rate, the most used in Portugal for housing loans and which entered positive territory on June 6, advanced today […]

Superbonus 110%, race against time: “We need an extension”

A final rush, also branded as a “trap” by many condominium experts, which may not be enough to access the 110% superbonus tax relief for expenses incurred for energy efficiency purposes in buildings. Decree Law 176 of 18 November 2022 (Aiuti quater decree, which modifies the original text of the Relaunch Decree 34 of 2020) […]

Funds start jumping off the crypto boat. Market returns to origins – Cryptoassets

After the collapse of FTX, essentially identical crypto assets are being offered at widely divergent prices, opening the door to a cross-platform battle. The underlying reason has to do with the sharks of the traditional market, large funds that are starting to say “goodbye” to cryptocurrencies, indicates Bloomberg. It’s a throwback to the early days […]

Hacker’s wallet that attacked FTX is already an ethereum whale

FTX has two problems at hand: the collapse of its liquidity and a computer attack, according to information provided by the platform this Saturday. It is now known that the “hacker” is already one of the biggest owners of the ethereum market. On Saturday, the company reported via Telegram that around 600 million dollars had […]