Giant rats invade houses through pipes looking for food – News

Sightings have been frequent in recent months due to confinement in the UK. A species of giant cannibal rats is invading UK homes by channeling the bathroom in search of food. Sightings in British homes have been more frequent in recent months due to quarantine. Pest controllers have received several complaints and believe that these […]

‘Hero’ security protects dog from rain outside supermarket – Unusual

A security guard at a supermarket in the Morrisons chain is moving social media after being photographed handing over his umbrella to protect a dog that was waiting for the owner when it started raining. The moment was captured in Giffnock, Scotland. The image quickly became seen on the Internet, so much so that the […]

Jack Welch dies, the executive who multiplied the value of General Electric

Monday, two March 2020 – 18:27 Jack Welch, during the World Business Forum in New York in 2010.REUTERS The American executiveJack welch, known as‘Neutron Jack’ for the aggressive styleWith which he multiplied the value of General Electric (GE) during the two decades that he was in front of him, he died this Sunday at age […]

EUR 2.5 bet earns 67 million to Portuguese millionaire – Society

Since Friday, Portugal has one more millionaire. The first prize of 67 million euros went to a bettor who spent 2.5 euros and registered the bulletin at the Snack-Bar Juliano, in the city of Faro and, yesterday morning, the joy at the cafe was already very evident. “They called my son on Friday night to […]

Endesa’s profit falls 88% after recognizing asset impairments of 1,873 million euros

Endesaobtained an attributed net profit of 171 million euros in 2019, which represents aeach 87.9%with respect to the 1,417 million euros of the previous year, after presenting sometotal accounting impairments in your assetsfor 1,873 million euros, reported the company. Specifically, energy has charged to the results of 2019 a deterioration of 1,469 million euros for […]

The strange US strategy against Huawei

Updated Saturday, 22 February 2020 –02:06 A woman in a Huawei mobile store in Guangzhou.EFE Be careful when choosing enemies, because one ends up resembling them.Jorge Luis BorgesHe was not an expert in economics, business, or political systems (lack of democracy, that abuse of statistics) but s in paradoxes. Thirty-three years after his death, his […]